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How to Start to Run a Business With Passion

You watch televisions shows, read newspapers and listen to radios. There’s news or stories that convey messages about the importance of passion in one’s life. You probably heard the line, “Passion should be your profession”.


The statement is true, and at some point, it allows you to keep yourself motivated to succeed in life. There are only two results that could happen to a person who is passionate enough to start his own business. It’s either he earn a lot of money given that he really loves what he is doing or fail through the process of running the business.

Obviously, you don’t want the second result to happen in your life. But how should you know that your passion today can give you a future tomorrow in a sense, that you can turn it into your profession or business.

We’ll dig deeper into that topic in this article

In reality, it is completely impossible for one person to get rich without making an effort to arrive at the door of success. We come into many opportunities. But what differs a rich man from a poor man is that it a rich man knows when to grab opportunities.  If he thinks that it might help in the future and probably make him rich.

The main point is that you have to arrive in one incredible idea and you must be passionate do anything for that idea either it’s business or investment. You have to decide what industry you want to start with.

Following your passion in life affects the way you handle or manage things in life including your daily schedules. The more you’re passionate about a particular object, the more time you exert to get or obtain it.

The same thing happens when you run your own business. You need a passion and usefulness/ability to do something. Without sufficient skills and knowledge, you’re not getting the most out of your business idea. You should provide value to your customers. And value is the sum of your passion and skills.

Value in business refers to profit or money. You can gain a lot when you have creative ideas that are brought up by your skills and knowledge. It’s easy to run a business when you know the ins and outs of your industry.

So how can you come up with a good business idea? Or I should say, the secret formula of value.

First and foremost, you should identify a startup business model. This will be your guide or reference when you already start your own business.

Skills and money should come hand in hand. If you were passionate about a certain field or topic, you make sure that you translate that into a valuable skill. Otherwise, your passion will not only faint after some time. The aforementioned formula is something that you need to always remind yourself when you start and run your own business.

Why is passion important to you?

There are lots of stories talking about success of several entrepreneurs. They’ve been through tons of challenges in life but been able to win them all. Problems that might occur when you start your own business are lack of finances, inefficient employees and insufficient knowledge towards running the business. These can either be the cause of your success or bankruptcy, but remember this is part of your painful transition from failure to success.

The more you learn from your business experience, the better. Given that experience is the best teacher, it enables you to see further opportunities that allow you build more conference and increase brand awareness around your customers.

It’s a matter of making the leap. Social media is an emerging trend nowadays and became one of the best tools to promote your startup business.

If you don’t know how to use social media for your business, simply type a keyword/phrase such as “social media for business”. You’ll face top pages with good resources (whitepapers, blog posts, infographic, videos, blog posts, etc…). Just choose any of these if you want to learn more and be knowledgeable with the social media marketing.

How does passion affects your process of running your own business?  Share your thoughts in the comment section.