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Health Makes Wealth

The title is one of the old sayings that indeed we must be taken into consideration. We should protect and take good care of our health since this will give us enough power to work and earn some money. A plain common sense is understood in the saying.

There are some unhealthy habits that are we’re still working out in our lives. I’ve know of a friend who overwork himself in the office. While in the office, he drinks beer to refresh himself. He had never been into exercise since he started working in the company. This kind of life makes his body weak over time.

We know it already that habits mentioned above are detrimental. The reason some people still do this is the fact that they don’t have better alternatives and choices that can stay away our body from harm – diseases caused by unhealthy habits.

Business owners and freelancers must understand the importance of having a healthy body since the saying, health is wealth may not be true today. What’s true is that health makes wealth. A sound mind and body can give you enough power to use your physical body for work.

Here are some reasons why health can get you rich:

Physical health allows you to move and do your tasks and achieve your goals. It increases your chances of doing more when you are physically fit. On the other hand, if you get sick always, it stops you from work.

Emotional health is the state that supports your enthusiasm to work. A positive energy that keeps you from overcoming failures and trials is the essence of emotional health. If you’re feeling good today, it keeps you from thinking new ideas that are productive to your business and personal life as well.

Mental health enables you to shelter your problem solving as well as your decision making skills. If you have a sound mind, you allow yourself to see opportunities and leverage your available resources.

Spiritual health keeps the why of your work. You have the thing that is beyond motivation that keeps you to work hard for yourself and your family. This is what they call the light energy that gives sense to your actions and adds meaning to your life.

All of these build your home of wealth and dreams may come true if you keep each of them healthy every day.

There are things in life that are priceless and cannot be bought with money. If a person keeps his body healthy, it’s not impossible that he can attain his goals in life given that good body systems helps you think and act normally and at its full potential.

Wealth needs to be used. It means that you cannot enjoy all your possessions if you don’t have to time to use them because you’re sick. The value of using them is what makes you rich. Even if you own a lot but still don’t know how to use them or can’t use them, they’re senseless.

Your health information has a value. If you find that you have a terrible disease, it affects not only your physical health but on other aspects as well. You might be more aggressive in your current state and you don’t even know whether or not you are in control of your body.

The “me” focus by many critics say that it encourages a selfish viewpoint wherein you allow yourself to engage in beneficial activities like meditation, exercise and a healthy eating lifestyle. This might not be a financial one but a personal investment for your own good. You practice this habit and see its effectiveness towards your physical and all other aspects of your being.

The advantage of a health style is that you increase your savings over time. Since you don’t have to take several treatments when you get sick, you may invest the money or save it on your personal savings account.

It’s time that you consider your health as your personal investment. If you have time to improve or enhance it, do your best to do so. A healthy body creates a wealthy life.

How do you manage to care your body? Comment below.