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Dubai – Business Start Up Hot Spot

Have you ever considered starting a business, but instead of sticking to the country you know you want to go one step further and head abroad? There are many reasons behind this and Dubai is becoming one of those destinations which is high on the list of the Gen Y entrepreneurs who want to benefit from everything this great city has on offer, and why not?

A different pace of life, fabulous weather and endless opportunities available focusing on the expansion of new industries such as tourism, marketing and media.

It is relatively easy to get started setting up a business in Dubai with less issues cropping up than other Middle Eastern cities which often have more restrictions in place for foreign nationals looking to start a business!

You will need to start with a basic business bank account which has all the features you need to run your business and give you the ability to access your money wherever you are in the world and complete those important business transactions!

The Dubai economy is showing great growth, in Q2 there was a 4.7 per cent increase in GDP compared to the Q2 in the previous year. If you’re in the media or information technology industry you will find your business may benefit from a Dubai base, the city which has recently been considered to be the next media hub.

These two particular industries are growing massively and getting established and joining at this pinnacle point will mean you can grow with the industries as a whole.

Free Zones in Dubai have been set up in order to encourage the growth of new and existing foreign businesses and these come with an array of benefits such as 100% tax exemption and purpose built business premises such as offices or warehouses depending on the type of the Free Zone. There are currently over 20 of these zones in operation with more currently being set up in technology, textiles and auto parts.